Week Days: 08:00am–7:30pm

The Plum Room

The Plum Room, so named because we both love the colour, is perfect for your meeting or workshop. It’s a longer room, with a white board at one end, and adjustable track lighting. It’s over 600 square feet in size.

Your Workshop

Whether a one-off or a series of classes, the Plum room is a good space for a workshop. It’s large enough for up to 30 people comfortably.

The Plum Room, set up for a meeting for 12.

The Plum Room, set up for a meeting for 12.

Your Event

We’ve hosted panel discussions, mini-conferences, live streamed events and flea markets. Bring your possibilities!

Your Class

An interesting feature of the Plum room is the 7 hard points in the ceiling – added to accommodate activities such as aerial yoga and aerial performance. Performance or learning – both can be done in this room.

Hard point in ceiling