The Flexible Forum


In its first three months, the Fisgard St. Forum has hosted an amazing variety of meetings, classes, groups, and events. Rosie Bitts brought her Tantric Dance class to the studio, hosting six weeks of meditation, movement, and expression. The Conscious Entrepreneurs Social Business Series hosted a workshop in one of the meeting rooms. The Forum has hosted theatre groups for their rehearsals, talkative writers groups, animated karaoke groups, and an intimate Solstice celebration. Most exciting was welcoming PolyCon Canada, a conference that was live-streamed in part around the world.

With every new booking, co-owners Lori and Suzanne have learned more about the potential and the limitations of the space. As busy as it has been, there is still plenty of room in the calendar for new bookings, so please spread the word! Tours of the space can be arranged by contacting the Forum via our Contact page.