Under the Red Umbrella: A Day in the Life

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Get Smart! Start Hump Day at the Fisgard St. Forum!

Get Smart! Start Hump Day at the Fisgard St. Forum!

It’s a pretty normal Wednesday at the Fisgard St Forum.

7:30 am: Lori gets in, and sets up for the Hump Day Huddle. The regular attendees are fans of either the bran muffins or the chocolate chip muffins, so she puts out both. Bananas go quickly, more than apples or oranges – whatever happened to ‘An apple a day keeps the doctor away’? There’s also coffee; nothing happens without coffee!

9:00 am: The conversation is going strong. Today it’s revolving around the Arts, crafts, and building websites. One young woman, a university student, is studiously ignoring her math homework in favour of joining in the talk.

10:30 am: Suzanne is in the office, gearing up for tax season. (Remember? She’s also a bookkeeper.)

Lori is tidying up after the Huddle and writing a list of tasks needed for the people that are coming in today to reorganize the office and storage area. In the last few months, since the opening in fact, that area has been the carpet under which everything has been swept.

11 am:  a retired crafter comes in to use a room to work on a 1/35th scale model – the light is better here than at home.

11:30 am: Three people come to help Lori with the reorganization. Suzanne is sent to work in the Pillar room on her laptop.

3:00 pm: We all take a break, feeling a great sense of accomplishment, and hit happy hour at Romeo’s, at the end of the block.

4:00 pm: Lori is back at work, responding to inquiries, setting up meetings to tour the space. They’re starting to come in faster, which is great. She also sets up rooms for the evening groups.

6:30 pm: A theatre director shows up early for her rehearsal, finds a moment of joy in singing ‘Basin Street Blues’ in the great acoustics of the Studio.

7:00 pm: The City, and the Forum, come alive at night. We have a theatre group in the Pillar Room, a Stitch’n’Bitch group in the Plum Room, and Suzanne’s writers’ group meeting on the sofas in the common area.

9:00 pm: Another day is done at the Forum.