Event Tips: The Mental Walk-through

LoricatTips, Victoria Events

Sign on wooden fence that says "Who knew?"
Sign on wooden fence that says "Who knew?"

Sometimes the world asks us good questions.

One of the great practical tips for an event planner is to do a physical walk-through of your event and venue before the doors open…and with enough time to make adjustments, to ensure that you’ve got sightlines, security and signage all in order.

But the most important walk-through is the one that you do in your mind at different stages in the planning process.

At the start, when you’ve got your brainstorming hat on, it’s also helpful to literally close your eyes, and imagine the event from the point of view of the person walking in, and moving about the venue. What are the door and check-in procedures going to look like? What do you want them to see first? Do you want entertainment in that corner, or just the main stage?

Part way through the planning process, do it again (and again!). Close your eyes and walk in: “Hmm. It’s February, I’ll have a coat. Oh! Coat check!” “Ah, the food booths! Do I have enough staff to empty the garbage bins?” It’s guaranteed, even the most experienced event planner will have ideas bubble to the surface through this process. Not all ideas will be ones you want to act on (“Oh, wouldn’t it be great release doves at that point?!”), but it will definitely get the juices flowing.

What other gestalt tips do you have for planning your events?

At the Fisgard St Forum, we are always happy to walk through your upcoming event with you – share our best practices in the space. Plus we’re always open to new ideas!