About Us

Lori Dunn and Suzanne Clydesdale have had great fun creating community events in the past, but their greatest challenge has always been to find useful and affordable venues to rent. Lori’s background as an administrator and event planner, coupled with Suzanne’s experience in business, have come together to create a winning team!

“When we found this humble little space, four rooms and a common area with private bathrooms and a concession, our imaginations went wild! So much potential here! We all need to gather, and we feel like this is just the place to do it.”

“Please contact us about your ideas and venue needs. We will do everything we can to help. Also, watch for our own events, workshops and parties.”

About Fisgard St. Forum

The Fisgard St. Forum is Victoria’s friendliest community-oriented space rental for meetings, workshops, dance or exercise studio space, or other small and medium-sized events.

With three rooms and a spacious lobby, the Forum offers flexible options and a variety of configurations to make your event the most successful yet. Our mirrored studio is ideal for dance and exercise classes, and we can even offer the entire space, lobby and concession included, for larger events like conferences.

Talk to us today about working together to make your event the best it can be!

Our Mission

We at the Fisgard St. Forum firmly believe in the power of community.

We promote creativity and personal power while attempting to maintain unflinching devotion and fairness to all. We encourage each other and those around us to engage in continual growth and learning, to strive for authenticity and we always try to make new mistakes.

We hope to reach out to the future with gusto and aplomb, and encourage others to do the same.