Fitness at the Forum

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Welcome 2018! The New Year is definitely the traditional time for one to take stock and re-visit one’s goals. A lot of people promise to renew their commitment to physical fitness in January – or in the case of our new tenant Laura, they start teaching a series of new classes in the New Year. Laura, of Dancing Through Life, … Read More

Community in Need: Naloxone Training

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Beautiful downtown Victoria, BC. Home of delicious cocktails, wonderful food, delightful vistas…and like many cities in the province,  home of a fentanyl crisis. Fentanyl is: Fentanyl is a synthetic narcotic that is 50-100 times more toxic than other opioids, and is typically prescribed to control severe pain. Over the past three years, there has been a progressive, province wide increase … Read More

Event Tips: The Mental Walk-through

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Sign on wooden fence that says "Who knew?"

One of the great practical tips for an event planner is to do a physical walk-through of your event and venue before the doors open…and with enough time to make adjustments, to ensure that you’ve got sightlines, security and signage all in order. But the most important walk-through is the one that you do in your mind at different stages in … Read More

Under the Red Umbrella: A Day in the Life

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It’s a pretty normal Wednesday at the Fisgard St Forum. 7:30 am: Lori gets in, and sets up for the Hump Day Huddle. The regular attendees are fans of either the bran muffins or the chocolate chip muffins, so she puts out both. Bananas go quickly, more than apples or oranges – whatever happened to ‘An apple a day keeps … Read More

Hump Day Huddle – Community of Work?

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Under the Red Umbrella by September McGee

The Hump Day Huddle is my brainchild. I, Lori, am its nursemaid, its foster mother, its guardian. I am the early bird at the Fisgard St Forum. The Huddle was conceived in the realization that for people whose work or life in general find them at home most days, it’s important to get out and mingle during the week, as … Read More

Our Relationship with Karaoke

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Here at the Fisgard St Forum, we are huge fans of Bob McGrath…we all need song in our lives: Sing, sing a song Make it simple to last your whole life long Don’t worry that it’s not good enough For anyone else to hear Just sing, sing a song   Karaoke is…what? In many Asian countries, it’s a national pastime, … Read More