Week Days: 08:00am–7:30pm

Company Parties with a Difference

We work together, we chat over the water cooler, and we have our business hats on.  Our relationships with our coworkers can lack depth and meaning, even when the work is deep and meaningful


Why Play?

To add that depth.  To find a bit more truth.  To discover heart.

Not everyone plays the same way, though.  Want to take the whole company rock climbing? Sure, and a percentage will show up. Board games? Heh.  Those of us who like board games, like them a lot.

Karaoke?  Okay, that takes a special kind of crazy, but put it in a closed room with a safe environment and you would be surprised what happens.

The Fisgard St Forum has four rooms plus a social area, so you can set up activities to make everyone happy.  Feed them all, let them sing, let them dance, let them think, knit, sew, colour, paint and did we mention sing? Watch them start out staunchly stuck in their usual groove, then carefully venture over to the other room where that curious thing is happening.  Watch them talk, laugh, win, lose, fail, succeed.

Watch them bond.