Our Space

Whether you need our full 3,800 square feet of event space for a larger gathering or a 450-650-square-foot space for an offsite meeting, our affordable venue is available by the hour or day for your meeting, party, workshop, collaboration, creation, yoga class, nefarious plot or whatever you have in mind.

Drop us a line to book a room or the entire space for your reunion, conference or workshop.

Studio Space

The Studio is approximately 450 square feet, with one mirrored wall and plank floors.



It’s a perfect size for a yoga or Pilates class, or a small dojo.

The space is ideal for dance practice, rehearsal or intimate classes. Choose between overhead lights and mellow lighting options.



It’s also an ideal space for a Karaoke party, with the flashing lights reflecting off the mirror.

Plum Room

The Plum Room, so named because we both love the colour, is perfect for your meeting or workshop. It’s a longer room, with a white board at one end, and adjustable track lighting. It’s over 550 square feet in size.

Your Workshop


Whether a one-off or a series of classes, the Plum room is a good space for a workshop. It’s large enough for up to 30 people comfortably.

Your Event


We’ve hosted panel discussions, mini-conferences, live streamed events and flea markets. Bring your possibilities!

Your Class


An interesting feature of the Plum room is the 7 hard points in the ceiling. Added to accommodate activities such as aerial yoga and aerial performance. Performance or learning, both can be done in this room.

Pillar Room

The Pillar Room is our largest room, at approximately 650 square feet, with a functional chalkboard pillar in one quadrant.

This square space is comfortable for meetings, workshops or social gatherings of up to 40 people. A cabinet in the corner houses our eclectic game collection.