A Floor Plan…and Board Game?!


Possibly only the eagle-eyed will have noticed that we’ve added a beautiful floor plan to our website. What beauty! What awesomeness! But is it, you may ask, to scale? Yes it is! You also may ask, who could of created such a masterpiece, and for what purpose? Our amazing friend, Andrew of Graphic Breeze, created this astounding floor plan, not … Read More

Event Tips: The Mental Walk-through

LoricatTips, Victoria Events

Sign on wooden fence that says "Who knew?"

One of the great practical tips for an event planner is to do a physical walk-through of your event and venue before the doors open…and with enough time to make adjustments, to ensure that you’ve got sightlines, security and signage all in order. But the most important walk-through is the one that you do in your mind at different stages in … Read More

Our Relationship with Karaoke

LoricatServices, Victoria Events

Here at the Fisgard St Forum, we are huge fans of Bob McGrath…we all need song in our lives: Sing, sing a song Make it simple to last your whole life long Don’t worry that it’s not good enough For anyone else to hear Just sing, sing a song   Karaoke is…what? In many Asian countries, it’s a national pastime, … Read More