Under the Red Umbrella: A Day in the Life

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It’s a pretty normal Wednesday at the Fisgard St Forum. 7:30 am: Lori gets in, and sets up for the Hump Day Huddle. The regular attendees are fans of either the bran muffins or the chocolate chip muffins, so she puts out both. Bananas go quickly, more than apples or oranges – whatever happened to ‘An apple a day keeps … Read More

Hump Day Huddle – Community of Work?

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Under the Red Umbrella by September McGee

The Hump Day Huddle is my brainchild. I, Lori, am its nursemaid, its foster mother, its guardian. I am the early bird at the Fisgard St Forum. The Huddle was conceived in the realization that for people whose work or life in general find them at home most days, it’s important to get out and mingle during the week, as … Read More

Our Vision

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Lightsaber lessons, just another night at Victoria's most inclusive, eclectic event space, the Fisgard St. Forum

Work. Think. Celebrate. Collaborate. Dance until you get it right. Write. Stretch. Meditate. Snack. Live. All together. Now!